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Spirits & Cocktails

Find all of this and seasonal cocktail kits that include our apple-based Pennings Vodka and/or Hard Ciders - in our Bottle Shop located inside the Taproom.

Pennings Vodka – Made from Apples

In addition to producing our own hard ciders, our flagship collaboration is producing a spirit from our apples. We partnered with Orange County Distillery in Goshen, NY to craft our apple-based Pennings Vodka. Batches of our hard cider are delivered to the distillery where they are run through their still several times and then bottled on site. Unlike flavored vodkas where the flavor comes from back sweetening with syrup, Pennings Vodka is made simply from the juice of our orchard grown apples and nothing more, yielding a smooth spirit with a hint of crisp orchard freshness.

We ship our Vodka within New York State! Call us at (845) 987-9922 or email us at for more information.

Specialty Cocktails

At Pennings Cidery a selection of specialty cocktails are on rotation that include our hard ciders and Pennings Vodka, as well as seasonal ingredients straight from our orchard and neighboring farms. Fresh apples, peaches, basil, mint and other farm grown ingredients are often featured in cocktails. In keeping with the farm to table practice here on Pennings Farm, we also produce simple syrups and hand-select seasonal garnishes to create signature cocktails.

You will often catch a glimpse of the bartenders muddling fresh fruit and herbs, shaking and stirring the hand-selected ingredients for your very own cocktail. Although they love to show off their drink-making skills, cocktail prep usually happens behind the scenes during busier seasons, but you can always count on fresh New York State ingredients in our cocktails.

Our Sangria, a front-runner cocktail at Pennings Cidery, boasts a mix of our hard cider, vodka and fresh cut peaches or apples when in season. For those who long for brunch, our bloody marys and cider-mosas pair well with our brick oven pizza and are a good start to any day. Warm up to a hot toddy in the fall and through the winter. This signature cold month favorite is made from sweet cider, mulling spices and our vodka.

Hands down best bartenders…always friendly and make me feel welcome. I am a local and only come when they are here! ~ Katie S., Facebook Review