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Our Hard Ciders

Everything grown on Pennings Farm is a viable ingredient to include in cider recipes. From the apple, peach and apricot orchards and pumpkin patch hale signature ciders including Peach Fuzz and Pumpkin Cider. The Pennings one-acre hopyard and beehives provide key ingredients for Honey Hopped and the mead-style cider, Cyser. When ingredients aren’t grown on the farm, fruits and vegetables are out-sourced from local farmers and producers. Neighbor syrup makers at Finding Home Farms supply the syrupy goodness found in Maple Vanilla. Beets from the black dirt of Pine Island, NY add the earthy surprise to Ginger Beet.

We Use Many Different Types of Apples for Our Single-Varietal Ciders

Our single-varietal (SV) ciders are ciders made from just one variety of apples and are available only here on the farm. These ciders are a part of our ongoing research into learning exactly how each variety of apples affects the cider profile they create. The ultimate goal is that we will be able to perfect and develop signature blends with a bonus of finding some really tasty single varietals that we will keep around. The project includes ciders made from Braeburn, Rhode Island Greening, Golden Russet, Baldwin, Gold Rush, Pinata, Northern Spy and crab apples which make up our Wild Series. Learn more about our favorites below.