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CDC Guidelines

CDC Guidelines for Bars & Restaurants
Pennings Farm Cidery has implemented new policies in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines & restrictions set forth by the CDC. Please review these new policies below. Anyone who does not adhere to these policies will be asked to leave the premises. Thank you for your understanding!

1. We are open for outdoor seating only.
Because we are only open for outdoor seating, and don’t have a large covered area, hours are subject to change depending on the weather. On days where there might be extreme weather we will make a call on if we will be open or closed for the day to keep our customers and employees safe. Please check our social media for real time updates @penningsfarmcidery.

2. No buses, oversized vans or limos

3. Masks must be worn at all times, except for when you are seated at your table.

4. Per the executive order 202.52, a food item must be purchased at the same time as the purchase of the initial alcoholic beverage(s). However, one or more shareable food item(s) may be purchased.

5. All food and beverages must be consumed while seated.

6. All parties will be seated with the group they arrive with. Saving seats and/or tables will not be permitted.

7. No groups larger than 10 people. If your group is larger than 10 you will be required to be seated in separate smaller groups.

8. There is no moving between tables. You are required to remain in the group that you are seated with when you arrive.

9. Moving tables and chairs is not permitted.

10. When we reach capacity (all tables and chairs are filled), you will not be allowed to enter until another group leaves.

11. The cidery is a 21+ only venue, except during fall apple picking season (September & October)

Thank you!