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Our Hard Apple Cider Brand’s History is Rooted in the Orchard

We are Victoria (Tori) and Stephen (SJ) Pennings and farming is not just a passing trend for our hard apple cider company. The tradition of growing your own has been ingrained in us from birth. We were born and raised on the 100+ acre Pennings Farm that has been in the family for nearly four decades. Under the guidance of our parents, Steve and Jill Pennings, who own and operate Pennings Farm Market, we returned to our family farm to begin its newest venture: Pennings Farm Cidery.

Teaming up to take the family farm into the next generation of farming, we saw an on-site cidery as an opportunity to showcase the fruits already grown on the farm and for the farm to become more economically viable for our parents, ourselves and future generations. We share in the vision of other American apple-growers in rediscovering one of the country’s original libations and savor the opportunity to produce cider from start to finish.

We’re Proud to be a Home-Grown and Locally Sourced Brand

Our high-quality varieties of American Style Hard Ciders and fresh ciders are made with apples directly from our orchard. We grow hundreds of cider specific apple trees, as well as pumpkins, hops, and peaches to use in our signature hard ciders. Our orchard and farm set the Cidery apart, allowing us to produce faithfully from the ground up. Our vision is to maintain a strong local presence when crafting our hard ciders. We source honey, maple syrup, beets and other produce needed for our ciders from neighboring farms to round out the ingredients for our ciders.

A Peek at Our Hard Cider Production Process

The production staff produces a number of ciders with close attention to apple varieties, yeast strains, and other factors. Over the years, we have carefully planted a variety of apple trees that allow us to experiment and identify desirable flavor characteristics. Even with this fully-stocked armory of history, land, farming expertise, and community networking & collaboration, some of the team’s best brainstorm sessions happen during unplanned after-work casual meetings. There exists a time known as “shifty o’clock” on Pennings Farm when the crew meets at the pub, the taproom, or the beer gardens to imbibe on a complimentary end-of-the-shift beverage of choice. With an extensive menu of craft beverages to choose from including a menu of at least 10 proprietary hard ciders, these meetings of the minds are uninhibited in nature leading to creative product names, development of unique special events and bonding that makes the team more of an extended farm family than just co-workers.

We invite you to try our hard ciders and spend some time on our picturesque farm enjoying a hard cider tasting and apple picking, in season.

Meet the Pennings Farm Cidery Crew

With cider production at an all-time high due to increased interest in the hard cider movement, our cider team continues to grow. New staff members bring fresh ideas and specialized skills to put forth expansion projects that are on the blackboard, streamlining efficiency and cultivating a hard cider following. There’s a great advantage in a team that spans generations, allowing for a healthy mix of innovative ideas combined with tried and true knowledge and grit.

Jill, Tori, and Annie keep our “colony” together by seeing that all operational components are abuzz, analyzing, planning, and guiding the product perception, developing, and maintaining market relationships. SJ runs the production side of the business with his right-hand men Matt and Mike. Together, the trio develops a menu of ciders based on the variety of the apple crop and seasonal produce, taking apples fresh from harvest to the press to fermentation. When SJ isn’t engaged in production, he joins his father Steve Sr. in leading the farm production team in farm management from seeding to pruning to harvesting and every step in between. Heather uses her culinary expertise to develop our seasonal farm to table pizza menu and manage the back of the house. Stephen keeps us all in line by making sure our numbers check out. This management team is supported by a skilled and dedicated crew of CCP certified bartenders, local homegrown staff of servers, bussers, and fieldhands, and a back kitchen crew that keeps everyone fed with their perfected brick oven pizzas.

More About Our Farm

The farm property in its entirety houses multiple family-owned and operated businesses. Pennings Farm Market, now a multi-dimensional retail business, began as a roadside farm stand that has matured into a year-round farm market, garden center, bakery, grill, and pub. Pennings Farm Market stays as fresh as the seasons with elaborate pop-up style departments that include an outdoor beer garden, ice cream stand, donut shack, and a winter indoor beer garden.